Fulfillment of my promise

28 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

The streets of my youth locked up in my eyes and ears, yellow pages of the ledger of soul proprietorship. I do like to get to the bottom of things to understand. I am looking for you and me two different trees across the cove, my footsteps stashed away in the sand and I cherish [...]

A woman poet in China during Song dinasty: Li Quingzhao

26 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

There are at least three women poet Sappho, Emily Dickinson and Li Quingzhao to balance the poor presence of women in world poetry. The name of Li Quingzhao isn’t quoted only for snobbery. Today in China verses by Li Quingzhao (1084-1155)are sung, as it used in the past. Li Quingzhao is known with other poets [...]

We give each other our dream

22 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

Those winter roses bloom for you the color of forgetting. But they have petals, stems. They have a scent don’t give off the past. Yesterday wrestling with an idea or two we reached a meaningful conclusion: we bagged the sands of time of our read books and piled them in our library keeping the waters [...]

Teoria dell’Andalusia di José Ortega y Gasset

19 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

Preludio Per tutto il XIX Secolo la Spagna ha vissuto come sottomessa all’influenza egemonica dell’Andalusia. Il secolo comincia con le Cortes di Cadice e termina con l’assassinio di Cánova del Castillo, malagueño, e con l’esaltazione di Silvela, anch’egli di Malaga. Le idee dominanti hanno l’accento andaluso. Si dipinge l’Andalusia: una terrazza, dei vasi, il cielo [...]

Il paesaggio finlandese visto da Bertolt Brecht

17 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

Paesaggio finlandese (Finnische Landschaft) di B. Brecht Acque pescose! Boschi dai venusti alberi! Olezzo di bacche e di betulle! Molteplici toni ha il vento, oscillante e così dolce, quasi i recipienti di metallo per il latte avvolgenti la candida leccornia fossero aperti! Un profumo, un’immagine, un pensiero, una tonalità sfumano. Se ne sta seduto sulla [...]

In praise of Knowledge

13 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

Sometimes in a quiet, secluded part of my mind I can hear the gentle murmur of knowing, a poem muttered in the universe with my life listening in. My thoughts make the ultimate sacrifice to fill in a page covered with blanks. A seed will grow in ways I can’t imagine. Condividi su Facebook.

A writer’s bond

7 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

You, my friend, just left your life in a safe spot, like that unpublished manuscript I hope someday to discover. I secretely believe to let my words into your most obscure ecstatic moments a sort of instrument that conceals the music of a knowledge hardest-won. Condividi su Facebook.

I lapponi celebrano oggi la festa della loro nazione. Una nazione transfrontaliera. La prima volta che questa festa è stata celebrata fu nel 1993 e dal 1986 i lapponi hanno anche un proprio inno “Sámi soga lávlla” (Canto del popolo lappone). Tra Scandinavia e Russia vivono oggi circa 80.000 sami (o lapponi), 50.000 dei quali [...]

A poem about love and me

5 Febbraio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

I keep empty the premium object of my desire so as not to spoil its resonance of my heartbeats and footsteps. Your body between me and the world two fallen leaves dancing in the same gust of wind, united by their separateness. Even the truest words fail but so beautifully we rate them above our [...]

In a changing world where new forms of governance are emerging with the changing role of the media and citizens a lot of questions arise. Among them what strategies and instruments are available to protect the basic integrity of an organization, its members and its ethics of governance in which acts are essentially signs? At [...]