Joint-venture sino-statunitense per la diffusione del cinese

25 Maggio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

Che il cinese (mandarino?)sarà sempre più studiato in futuro è facile da prevedere visto l’andamento economico del gigante asiatico. Ma c’è già chi si sta attrezzando per portare a casa profitti da questa nuova nicchia di mercato. Il China International Publishing Group (CIPG), casa editrice istituzionale della Repubblica Popolare Cinese ed il Presidente della Yale [...]

Human beings as such

23 Maggio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

A yellow flower girl is all that remains of you a digression not an afterthought. My story went like this: was I the bird or a few notes sung before flying away? You left things unsaid a change of mind a bottomless hole. Condividi su Facebook.


14 Maggio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

You remember me erecting shelters to keep out that pain coming from inside. Today, I unburden my mind and strip down my life. There’s always joy somewhere inside at the end of even the shortest, faintest sentence. Discarded opportunities open my heart and I secretely believe the world will never end with words sacrificed to [...]

The lingua franca of the mediterranean peoples

4 Maggio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

David Decamp in his “Introduction: the study of pidgin and creole languages” in Hymes (1971) wrote that two languages in contact can result in an interlingual improvisation but more than two languages in contact are required for the birth of a true pidgin. The common people who are to be the pidgin speakers must come [...]

Our crosslives: aphotic aphorism

3 Maggio 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

Fog rolling in off the harbour: no colours. I found my art within nature reading my life only turned upside down. Now I unburden my mind asking to myself: Is she becoming more herself or just less of the world? Condividi su Facebook.