Earliest beginnings

22 Giugno 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

A new, delicate, primigenial syntony, the constant of aberration, not a good choice for those looking for a fast track, a quick life. A different space-time horizon and you, human again flickering as if projected alongside mute windows. Book pages don’t let the darkness get to you, your rediscovery of the world. You will forget [...]

Interior monologue

20 Giugno 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

Intransigent soul I had a great time I got to get up early in the morning I showed you my drawings and my dreams. As a result of my understanding the fascination of someone staring back at me from your mirror image: the most elaborate dress of all, a sort of untellable tale trapped in [...]


6 Giugno 2007 | Commenti disabilitati

I was born under the auspices of Mars, a true merriment for Venus. My century was well under the way when I was young serving in far away lands. It was so heartbreaking but life was astonishing staring at your eyes and laughing at the jokes of the children, under the auspices of myself. Condividi [...]