The research concerning the brain mechanisms by which one acquires,  understands and produces languages is a central subject of the study of the mind. It implies the ability to think, speak, feel and interact with the world. In the last century philosophers, mathematicians and linguists put much effort in building formal models to describe and explain the complexity [...]

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An EU with only one language would be a catastrophe

28 Ottobre 2013 | Commenti disabilitati

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Saving Europe’s endangered languages

24 Ottobre 2013 | Commenti disabilitati

  Dozens of languages in Europe are not much lost for words as short of speakers with some 120 believed to be dying out. The European Parliament’s culture committee discussed the problem with a group of experts . However, MEP François Alfonsi believes the final word on these languages has yet to be said. The [...]

Europeans and their languages

22 Ottobre 2013 | Commenti disabilitati

Periodic surveys on “Europeans and their languages” are carried out by the Public Opinion Analysis sector of the European Commission. They provide a picture of language knowledge, language learning, and attitudes to language and translation in the EU. So far, 3 surveys have been conducted – in 2001, 2006 and 2012. The survey  that was [...]

    The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) was developed by a Council of Europe’s international working party set up by the Language Policy Division with a view to promoting transparency and coherence in the learning and teaching of modern languages in Europe. After a pilot scheme involving extensive field consultation, the [...]