The problem of the genetics of language can be studied at various levels. In principle it should be possible to study DNA sequences and gene combinations unique to the 23 pairs of chromosomes of homo sapiens  which are connected with language ability. Generative grammar, for example,  studies the genetics of language at the level of [...]

Vowel alternation in Finno-Ugric Languages

4 Marzo 2014 | Commenti disabilitati

It is understood that the paradigmatic vowel change  is  a top concern for the understanding of the finno-ugric vocalism . In addition to the regular massive vocal correspondences in the Finno-Ugric languages appear numerous “colorful” equivalences: cfr.  hál- (ung.) “spend the night”, vogul  kul, votiak keli- .  These * a , * i  or *u [...]